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A premium classified can get you 10 times more visibility than a Free Classified

Upgrade to premium plans for better visibility. (All plans are valid for 30 days) 

Basic Listing Plan             :     Display in Listing and search pages for 30 days    
                                          Price - Rs. 500/-

Premium Listing plan       :   Latest listing Ad.(Shown on Latest Listings on rotational basis for 30days)

                                         Price - Rs. 1000/-     
Flash Banner on Top        :      Ad displayed on top of the home page (Flash)  for 30 days
                                          Price - Rs.10,000/- 

Flash Banner Middle
     :    Ad displayed on middle banner of the Home page for 30 days
                                          Price - Rs.7500/- 


* Get Discounts                :      Buy multiple Ads to get discounts .Contact     on                                                   9447114471.                    

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