About Us

At Vaishali Properties & Developers, we feel that the real estate business should be a decorous affair, which must end up in win-win transactions. We focus largely on customer satisfaction, as we believe in the phrase “Once a client, Always a client”. We convert a client’s dream to our responsibility and do everything possible from our end to make a transaction as stress free as possible. And our commitments never end with the exchange of keys. We sustain long term relationships with all our clients as well as reputed property developers, sellers & builders, which ensures that when a new client comes up, he is not short of opportunities.

Since 2001, we have been helping property owners and investors to lease and manage their residential & commercial real estate. We offer rationalized and scaled real estate solutions for each one of them, hunting for a comfortable home for rent, searching for a suitable tenant and for those who were looking on real estate as a way to increase their wealth. It goes without saying that a well planned property portfolio is wealth growing on its own.

We understand that the state of Kerala is one big metro, where there is not much contrast between urban & rural sects, in terms of its buying power & spending pattern. Thanks to the gulf money pouring in, the state has almost a consistent real estate potential across its nooks & corners. We spent whole lot of time in updating ourselves about the constant changes that are happening in the local markets of the state and guides the buyers, sellers, landlords & tenants through all phases of the real estate process with the most judicious opinions.  

We develop strategies, devise plans & manage negotiations in a way that a mutual respect is built between the parties on both sides of a transaction, thereby allowing everybody to take advantage of the opportunities. This innovative & unique business model of ours, have resulted in exceptional business growth, which in turn has made us one of the most appreciated and trusted real estate experts.

We tell our clients that all that they have to do is to dream and we will translate it to high yields. Confer your trust on us and you will realize that dreaming is never a waste of time…